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Glass Railings

Glass Stair Railings, Patio Glass Railings, Elevated Glass Railings, Glass Guard Railings, and Glass Gate Systems.

We offer a variety of Standard Railing Systems and Custom Railing Systems. All of our railing and hardware systems are durable, safe, and structurally sound.  After meeting with our professionals, we can help you determine which style and system functions best with your specific project.

Standard Hardware Systems:

Taper-Loc Dry Glaze Railings

(meets and exceeds codes and standards, easy removal, adjustment or replacement of glass panels, available in eight architectural finishes)

Taper-Loc Dry Glaze Tempered Laminated Glass Guard Rail Systems

(the safest and strongest glass railing system on the market, will not delaminate, creep, or discolor over time, designed for interior and exterior applications)

Wet Glaze Railing Systems

(designed for interior and exterior applications, meets and exceeds codes and standards)

CRL-Blumcraft BGR Wet Glaze Railing Systems

(Isolates glass panels against shock of building movement, easy glass panel replacement, designed to meet and exceed typical code requirements for guard rail applications)

CRL EGR Elevated Glass Railing Systems

Provides drainage capability for residential or commercial applications. Excellent for high rise balconies. Meets or exceeds guard rail code standards, available in seven standard powder coated finishes, custom finishes available.

Standoff Glass Railing Systems

Exterior and interior applications, compact designs for minimal obstruction. Designed for guard rail, stairway, and ramp areas. Meets or exceeds A.D.A. Requirements.

Frameless Glass Clamp Railing Systems

Great for pool fencing, balcony, and deck applications. Available in 316 Alloy and Duplex marine grade stainless steel. Provides an almost invisible frameless look. No vertical posts are used between glass panels. Panels are supported by high strength steel clamps.

Glass Gate Systems

Heavy-duty gate with optional cap rail. Beautiful design and optimal function. Custom fabricated to meet your design requirements. Can be adjusted in and out, at the top and bottom.    

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